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Walter's is an old-fashioned grocer with a luxury range.

At Walter in Ebeltoft, is a cozy specialty store that has everything the heart desires. Wine, of course, cheese, chocolate, coffee, beer, spirits and chocolate. They probably have a lot more on the shelves next time you visit.

The store has been located in Ebeltoft since 1991, when it was started by Walter Møller. Kristian now runs the store, and he has done so since 2004. The family helps in a big way in the day-to-day operations. This is a genuine family business.

The store has twice received a diploma from the Danish Beer Enthusiasts, for their large selection of specialty beers, and was named store of the year in Djursland.

The old grocer can offer luxury goods from all over the world, but of course there are also many local products on the shelves.

At Walter, you can always be sure that you will get the right gift basket home. Their large range means that you can put together exactly the type of basket you want. Are you broke? Yes, of course there is help from the knowledgeable staff.

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Hos Walter - your wine merchant at the harbour in Ebeltoft

We want to know our customers' preferences and needs and are always ready with good advice and gift ideas. Our staff are professionally trained and we are also authorised to train staff. Walter's has trained many students specialising in wine.

Our goal is to create a memorable in-store experience where our selection constantly surprises and tempts. We want locals and tourists alike to always feel welcome and in their element.

We look forward to welcoming you to Hos Walter, located on the cosy marina in Ebeltoft, the town with the charming cobbled streets.

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  • We are launching a beautiful new website and 2024 will also offer new events.
  • Kristoffer Busk follows in his younger brother's footsteps and starts as a shop apprentice specializing in wine.
  • Kasper Busk starts in the shop and in 2022 he will start an apprenticeship as a shop apprentice specializing in wine, to strengthen the family business.
  • Walter's is moving to new premises down on the cozy marina in a building that formerly housed a car workshop. There will be better space to present the product range and serve customers. The move to the new premises also meant that we were joined by Tage and his butcher's cart from Den Stolte Slagter in Grenå. He can be found on Stockflethsvej every Friday and Saturday, with extended opening hours in high season.
  • Jeannette will be employed in the store and since 2018 has been responsible for the daily planning as well as the purchase of cheese and specialities.
  • Kristian and Karina take over from Walter Møller and continue in the same spirit the high level of service and good quality.
  • Walter Møller opens the store in Ebeltoft.

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