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Red wine as a gift, for good food, for cosiness...

At Walter we have a very large and wide selection of red wines.

We are strong in both traditional wines and better overseas wines.

We have many different price ranges, but what they all have in common is that they are great quality wines for the price.

In addition, we have access to buy and source very exclusive wines in the more expensive price range. See more about the exclusive wines here

Come by the store at Nørrebakke, where you can always get advice and guidance for your next wine purchase.

If you buy the wine as a gift, we will of course wrap it beautifully to suit the occasion.

Red wine knowledge (so you can geek out before your next wine tasting)

75% of all Danish wine drinkers drink red wine, so it's the type of wine we know best. However, it hasn't always been this way.

Real wine is red wine... or is it?

In ancient times, the majority of wine was rosé, or white, although Catholic monasteries slowly began to develop more tannic red and 'black' wines.

By the 1600s, however, people's tastes began to change. The dark red wines became in demand as they were considered more nutritious. Craftsmen and other manual labourers in particular embraced red wine.

From the 1800s onwards, red wine has dominated the wine world. On average, Danes drink between 15 and 30 litres of red wine annually.

Why is red wine red?

Red wine is made by fermenting the skins, seeds and sometimes also the stems of red or blue grapes together with the grape juice, after which the wine is filtered and aged.

Exclusive red wines

At Walter, we have access to buy and source very exclusive wines in the more expensive price range.

These include, for example:

  • Ch. Pavie - 1st Grand Cru Classe
  • Ch. Pichon - Lougneville - 2nd Cru Pauillac
  • Ch. La Fleur-Pétrus - 2nd Cru Pomerol
  • Petrus - 1. Cru Pomerol
  • Opus One - Robert Mondavi/Baron Philippe de Rothschild

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