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There's nothing like a good cup of coffee, and at Walter we have the speciality coffee brands that will make you enjoy your coffee even more!

Which coffee is your favourite?

Estate Coffee

The very special Estate Coffee is the brand with the many flavours, from mild to espresso. Some are fair trade, others are just their own special blend.

Estate Coffee is for the coffee lover who wants to try something different, but at the same time wants to maintain the great taste and quality that Estate Coffee is known for.

House coffee

The house coffee is our very own blend, medium roasted, round and full-bodied, with a smooth aftertaste. Beware - it's addictive!

Ebeltoft coffee

Ebeltoft Coffee is hard roasted and strong in flavour. It consists of exquisite top qualities from Columbia and Brazil.

Moeslund Mocca

Coffee roasted at Café Moeslund in Ebeltoft. Read more about Moeslund Mocca under our Local Specialities.

Coffee Note Aroma

Coffee with added flavour in fantastic quality. Read more about Coffee Note Aroma.

Estate Coffee: Coffee that knows where it comes from.

Every coffee can be traced back to a plantation or co-operative, so you know exactly where your coffee comes from.

Estate also roasts the coffee differently depending on where it was harvested, giving each terroir its own unique flavour profile. The roast is generally lighter in colour than other coffee brands, as a light roast allows all the subtle nuances to come through. At each stage of sourcing and production, the coffee is tasted by Estate coffee's specialists.

Strict sustainability requirements

The coffee also leaves a good taste in your mouth when it comes to your conscience, because all Estate coffee products are grown with sustainability in mind: the coffee farmers are paid above Fairtrade recommendations, many of the coffee products are Rainforest Alliance certified and some are even organic.

What does your favourite coffee taste like?

Each Estate Coffee is equipped with scales for acidity, body and roast. So you can choose exactly the coffee you like best - but of course we can also advise you in the shop.

At Walter's we recommend:

Rio Verde Bourbon from Brazil: Deep undertones and low acidity. This coffee is roasted medium-dark, with notes of syrup, pecan and dark chocolate. Rio Verde Bourbon is Rainforest Alliance certified.

Las Gravilias from Costa Rica, organic: A strong, dark-roasted coffee with low acidity. Las Gravilias' flavours are reminiscent of chocolate and caramel. In addition to being organic, the coffee also carries the Direct Trade certification, which means that the coffee has been purchased directly from the producer at a price that is at least 25% above the fair trade price, and that representatives from Estate Coffee visit the producer at least once a year to follow up on the agreement.

JAZ de Rio Coco from Nicaragua, organic: Sweet, mild and full-bodied coffee with notes of dark chocolate. Jaz de Rio Coco is fair trade certified.

Tres Flores, organic espresso: Espresso coffee with almost no bitterness but plenty of body and vigour and notes of flowers. Try it in your organic latte. Tres Flores is based on three different terroirs purchased with Direct Trade claims: Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Ethiopia.

Coffee Note

Flavoured coffee from Coffee Note is perfect when dessert is a cup of coffee!

... Or when you need something really delicious in the middle of the afternoon.

Coffee Note Aroma is a quality flavoured coffee with four flavours:

  • Chocolate/almond
  • Cinnamon/Hazelnut
  • French Vanilla
  • Caramel.

The coffee itself is light, balanced and sweet with some body and a semi-dark roast. The blend of flavourings is done after grinding, so the coffee retains its full flavour.

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Hario - Coffee brewing for connoisseurs

The coffee enthusiast's secret weapon.

Hario's spiral coffee funnel puts you in control of your coffee brewing.

The special shape allows the water to extract all the flavours of the coffee as it slowly flows into the specially designed jug.

Use only the best coffee beans. Grind them yourself - finer than for flask coffee. Carefully fold and wet the filter and dose the coffee precisely. Pour the hot water, 94 degrees Celsius, over the coffee - carefully - in a circular motion between the edge and centre of the funnel. You won't regret it.

The actual brewing and extraction takes just four minutes - the same time it takes for a pot of coffee to brew - but the attention makes all the difference!

The Hario V60 Brewkit makes coffee brewing an experience. You're in control. You create your perfect coffee. The flavour is worth it.


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