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Gin: From genever to London Dry.

Originally called genever after the French word for juniper, gin was a strong, malty and sweet drink from the Netherlands. When Dutch King William ascended the English throne in 1672, he brought Genever to England, where it became very popular. Genever was distributed to the army, and gradually became one of the most common drinks in England as duties on English-produced spirits were lowered compared to imported products such as Cognac and Calvados.

Gradually, genever became gin in the vernacular and the flavour changed: it became clearer and drier - hence London Dry Gin.

Should your gin be drunk with or without tonic? - And which tonic is the best?

Today, gin has enjoyed a fantastic renaissance in Denmark, and at Walter's we are not only experts in gin, but also in exciting tonic waters. Kristian knows the best match and is happy to advise, so don't hesitate to ask.

Tranquebar Colonial Gin. A gin from Denmark, Holland and India

In 1616, Jan de Willum and Herman Rosenkantz, both Dutchmen living in Denmark, founded the East India Trading Company. The aim was to transport the attractive goods from India to Denmark, and to do so, they needed a base - a colony - in India. In 1618, Admiral of the Realm Ove Gjedde set out with a fleet of five ships, and the following year they docked at the future Tranquebar, a coastal town that Ove Gjedde acquired for the mere price of twelve cannons.

For just over 200 years, the Danes ruled Tranquebar and imported spices, tea, textiles and more via this harbour.

The idea for Tranquebar Colonial Gin

Jan de Willum's family in the Netherlands produced genever, and when the East India Company was a reality, he saw the potential in the exciting new spices that were being imported. Tranquebar Colonial Gin is produced in the Netherlands according to de Willum's original recipe.

A warm and spicy gin

Tranquebar Colonial gin gets its distinctive flavour from the unique spice blend in Jan de Willum's old recipe, which includes darjeeling tea, cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom. These flavours work wonderfully with the classic gin recipe of juniper berries, lemon and orange peel and angelica root.

Each bottle is numbered and the vintage is indicated.

With Tranquebar Colonial Gin, you're drinking a piece of Danish history, but you can also just savour it!


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