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One of our spirits specialities is rum

We can therefore offer you a fine selection of aged rums. rum, ranging from AH Riise to our own bottlings.

If you are looking for the ultimate, we have several speciality bottlings, come down to the store and have a chat.

We always have a bottle of rum open in the shop, and you're more than welcome to taste it.


We follow up on the success of last year's adult Christmas calendar by offering 3 different ones this year, choose between rum, gin and whisky calendars.

In Mac Y's spirits advent calendar, we've put together a wide selection of 24 different rum, gin and whisky flavours from around the world. Each day you have the opportunity to scan a QR code that will lead you to the description of the "Spirit of the Day". There will be a 2cl. tube for each day.

Frigate Jutland Rome

A new rum with lots of history. Get a taste of life on the Frigate Jutland in the 1800s and help preserve the frigate for posterity.

In 1886, the Frigate Jutland set sail on its last voyage. The voyage was to the Danish West Indies (now the Virgin Islands) and was the fifth voyage in total to this part of the world.

On the island of St Thomas lived an apothecary named Albert Heinrich Riise. In addition to various types of medicine, he also produced rum according to his own recipe, which he supplied to the Danish navy when they docked at St Thomas.

Rum producer A.H. Riise makes rum according to the apothecary's own old recipe, which he developed through experiments with the plants he collected around the Danish West Indies.

Fregatten Jylland is therefore an authentic rum like the one that seafarers could bring home from St Thomas in the 1800s.

When you buy a bottle of Fregatten Jylland Danish Navy Rum, you support the preservation of Fregatten Jylland with DKK 10.

Fregatten Jylland Rum is created in a collaboration between Fregatten Jylland, A.H. Riise Rum, Mac Y spirits and Hos Walter.

Tribute to Ebeltoft: A Christmas room

Christmas in Ebeltoft - What could be more cosy?

Hos Walter has selected a special rum to honour our city, Ebeltoft

Christmas in Ebeltoft is a rum specially selected by Hos Walter as a tribute to the old market town. The bottle is stylish and beautifully decorated with a drawing of Ebeltoft's famous old town hall with the town's large Christmas tree in front of it.

Here's what Kristian himself writes about his Tribute to Ebeltoft:

This is an older and exclusive blend. It is an old Barbados rum that has been aged "on location" in Barbados in small 200 litre American oak barrels, which previously held Bourbon Whisky. When I tasted this blend, I thought the rum was a perfect fit for us and would be a nice tribute to Ebeltoft and our customers. Hos Walter has bought some of this rum and had it bottled at Den Bornholmske Spritfabrik. It is a rich, creamy and complex rum, with notes of cocoa, coconut, toffee, burnt sugar and vanilla.

Ron Arbusto

A personalised and original rum from Hos Walter

This rum was created by Kristian himself in 2014. He writes about Ron Arbusto himself:

"This rum is reminiscent of our first rum, aged in the same type of barrels, small 200 litre American oak barrels that previously stored Bourbon Whisky. However, one barrel "sticks out" and gives the rum a slight hint of pepper on the tongue in the first flavour. The rum is both pot still and column still rum from primarily Trinidad, with some very old Barbados and Guyana rum added. The flavour is complex and rich, with notes of coconut, cocoa, mint and muscovado (a nice word for cane sugar). The rum has been aged "on location" at the distilleries and is bottled at Den Bornholmske Spritfabrik.

Pyrat XO Reserve in an exclusive book.

Now you can combine your reading pleasure with your good taste in rum!

A fun and beautiful element in your home.

Pyrat XO rum is now available in an exclusive box shaped like a beautiful antique book. A humorous nod to the old trick of hiding a bottle inside a book. However, this is a fantastic, high-quality rum that you can be proud to show off.

Of course, if you don't want to share it, it's handy that it's in the form of a book, so no one can guess that you have a bottle of Pyrat XO reserve..

The book of great, great rum is an ideal gift idea. It's simply the gift for the man who has everything or the woman who loves rum.

Caribbean rum with a full flavour

Pyrat XO Reserve rum is a rum from the Caribbean. It has a golden colour and a scent that is soft, round and with a hint of citrus. The flavour is reminiscent of smoked cask and molasses.

The rum has a solera age of 15 years. The solera method is a way of aging rum, where the rum is gradually blended with older and older vintages until the specific flavour of this particular rum is achieved. This means that the rum is a blend where the oldest rum is 15 years old.

Walter Rum from Peru

Our own rum in the shop from 2016: Sold out

Once again, we've put together our very own rum. This time it's from Peru, made using column stills and aged using the solera method.

It's a sweet and spicy rum with notes of figs and dates.

This rum is only available at Walter's in Ebeltoft, making it an original gift idea for the rum connoisseur who has tried it all and is looking for new experiences.

A.H. Riise Rome

H.A. Riise was an apothecary in the Danish West Indies - and he could make rum!

Danish history and rum:

The Danish West Indies and the time when Denmark was the colonial ruler of the three islands of St Thomas, St Croix and St John. Jan is a fascinating chapter in Denmark's history, for better or worse. The bad lies mainly in the use of slaves as labour in the sugar cane plantations, but we must not forget the fascinating acquisitions Danish culture made during this time - including rum!

In the 1800s, Charlotte Amalie, the capital city located on St Thomas, was for a time Denmark's most populous city after Copenhagen, and the culture that reigned in Charlotte Amalie influenced Danish culture.

Rome from the pharmacy:

It was during this period that Albert Heinrich Riise was entrusted with a task: From 1838 to 1878, he was Charlotte Amalie's pharmacist, with a clientele that spanned the entire Danish West Indies. After a handful of difficult years, he managed to build up an impressive inventory that made him known throughout the Caribbean.

A.H. Riise had a great interest in botany and imported and cultivated a large collection of medicinal herbs and exotic plants in his garden on St Thomas. He used these to make various apothecary preparations, including rum, which was used to treat stomach ulcers.

Rum is known to be good in many ways, and A.H. Riise's rum also became known throughout the West Indies. The apothecary also supplied the Danish fleet with rum when they docked at St Thomas.

Royal visit:

Albert Heinrich's son, Valdemar Riise, took over his father's pharmacy and perfected rum production. He produced a rum that was a favourite of King Haakon VII of Norway, and the two men developed a warm friendship. King Haakon, who was originally Prince Carl of Denmark, sailed twice to the Danish West Indies - one of the times on the Frigate Jylland, which we have so beautifully lying here in Ebeltoft harbour.

2017 marks the 100th anniversary of Denmark's sale of the Danish West Indies. A.H. Riise's large selection of rum, which you can find here at Hos Walter, is an ideal opportunity to delve into the lighter side of this ambiguous part of Danish history.

Hos Walter recommends:

  • Royal Danish Navy: A naturally deep, dark rum based on the recipe of the rum A.H. Riise delivered to the Danish Navy. It is a so-called "pot still" rum, i.e. it is distilled with great patience and care. It has complex notes of coffee, aniseed, liquorice, burnt caramel, molasses, spices and cedar, combined with an exotic and elegant flavour of bitter orange and bergamot fruits, finishing with a long, massive, bold and sweet aftertaste.
  • King Haakon: Based on the recipe of King Haakon's favourite rum. This rum is a limited edition to commemorate the friendship between the Norwegian king and Valdemar Riise. This bottle is an ideal gift idea for a true history lover.
  • Centennial Celebration: A rum released to commemorate the centenary of the sale of the Danish West Indies in 1917. It is an elegant rum with notes of grapes, cane sugar, molasses and caramel and an aftertaste of wood, leather, pepper and other spices. Centennial Celebration is sold in a beautiful and elegant bottle and is packaged in a gift box.
  • Christmas XO Reserve Christmas Rum: Exclusive hand-blended Christmas rum aged in sherry casks. A warm and smooth rum with notes of cloves, cinnamon and orange. Each bottle is numbered and equipped with a cask number.
  • Frigate Jylland: A round and smooth rum inspired by the frigate that today adorns Ebeltoft harbour and which made five voyages to the Danish West Indies. The sale of Frigate Jutland Rum helps support the preservation of the frigate. An ideal gift idea for someone who loves Ebeltoft and sea travel. Read more about the Frigate Jutland Rome here.

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