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Welcome to the Mole Table. Bon appetit.

Globally, gathering around a shared meal is a social tool that embodies love, reciprocity and friendship. A set table means the same internationally, nationally and regionally. Here you go.

Molbordet is about food love and local patriotism. Ganefryd, if you will. Love of local dishes. That which comes from your own soil, stall or tree. The foods that you will sometimes walk along winding paths to produce in the local spirit.

The concept of the mole table has several family members. The chefs who cook with local ingredients out of loyalty to their neighbours and their neighbours' neighbours.

Delicatessens and farm shops. Enthusiasts who believe in the spread of mole food. Supermarkets that dare to target a narrow audience. Last but not least, those who create something to sell and sink their teeth into. Producers and farmers. Yes, growers in general.

The ones who make the soil on Djursland pop and grow. The ones who

sling honey, keep sheep or pick apples by the kilo.


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