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We have only the best in confectionery, chocolate, liquorice, honey, vanilla and more.

As with all our other specialities, we look for the best quality among the best, which is why we stock the delicious chocolate brands Summerbird, Valrhona and Woodshade.

Both ecology and sustainability are keywords, in addition to flavour, when we select the best of the best for the chocolate connoisseur.

Summerbird Organic

We endeavour to always have the entire Summerbird range, including the always fresh cream puffs with marzipan base and thick, thick chocolate coating...

The range is wide-ranging and includes, among many other things, the delicious Spanish almonds coated with everything from liquorice to cocoa powder.

Summerbird makes a big deal of the festive season, which is why we also have Easter eggs and the Christmas calendar. Summerbird's raw materials include raw marzipan and delicious nougat, to finish off with the luxury spread. A treat for connoisseurs...

Also try the popular Summerbird Organic ice cream, which is an organic chocolate ice cream stick dipped in dark or white Summerbird chocolate and sprinkled with hazelnuts and raspberries or liquorice.

Carefully selected chocolate

The organic chocolate is carefully selected by terroir, variety and processing and is treated with the utmost respect at Summerbird. That's why it is accompanied by only the best raw materials, such as organic almonds and nuts from Spain and Italy, organic milk from cows on pasture and organic eggs from hens raised under conditions with a focus on animal welfare.

Walter's recommends:

All of Summerbird's chocolates are amazing, but here are some specialities we think you owe it to yourself to try:

  • Amber 36%: This white chocolate is not your average white chocolate. It is caramelised, which gives it a flavour reminiscent of crème brûlée. The chocolate has a complex flavour that is sweet, slightly bitter and creamy. Amber 36% won a gold medal in Europe at the International Chocolate Awards in 2015.
  • Chocolate Spread: with hazelnuts from Piedmont and dark chocolate with 61% cocoa solids from Peru. A delicious creamy spread with natural ingredients and a wonderful, deep flavour. Chocolate Spread won a gold medal in Scandinavia at the International Chocolate Awards in 2014.
  • Licorice almonds: Almonds with white chocolate 36% and liquorice. The organic almonds come from Spain and Italy and are considered the world's best with their high oil content and intense flavour. The almond is roasted and then coated with white chocolate and a thin layer of liquorice powder. The intense bitterness of the almond goes incredibly well with the sonorous sweetness of the liquorice.
  • Sparkling Summerbird: What to drink with good chocolate? Sparkling Summerbird is a sparkling drink made from chamomile, white tea, white wine, lemon juice and vanilla. With an alcohol percentage of 4%, Sparkling Summerbird is perfect for life's lighter moments: Brunch, apéritif, dessert... Enjoy chilled to around 5ºC.
  • In the summer, we recommend Summerbird ice cream with chocolate or liquorice: Organic popsicle stick shaped like a butterfly and dipped in a thick layer of chocolate with sprinkles. Choose between chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate and Piemonte hazelnuts and raspberries or liquorice ice cream with white chocolate and liquorice powder.
  • Finally, don't miss the fresh Grand Cru dark chocolate cream puffs from Peru with 61% cocoa solids, vanilla foam and marzipan. The vanilla foam is made with fresh, organic eggs and contains no additives. The cream puffs you buy at Hos Walter are always fresh as they have a short shelf life.


Valrhona's French chocolate is available both as filled chocolates and slabs of delicious, irresistible chocolate. We also carry raw materials from Valrhona such as thick chocolate slabs in white, dark and light chocolate, as well as marzipan that can be used for baking and desserts.

If it's the hot chocolate drink you're after, we offer chocolate powder to make your own cacao, but we also carry the ready-mixed chocolate drink, which is truly a cacao worth serving.

Getting the right chocolate flavour is a science

Valrhona has been making exceptional French chocolate since 1922 and has elevated sensory expertise, which is an in-depth knowledge of the impact of all five human senses, to a science that Valrhona's chocolate developers are highly trained in.

Valrhona develops chocolates based on their cru, i.e. their origin, and develops flavour profiles so that their chocolates are always recognisable and the taste is stable year after year. That's why Valrhona is indispensable for both the professional chef and the ambitious amateur chef.

Walter's recommends:

The chocolate nerd can get lost in the many flavours of Valrhona's many dark, light and white chocolates, but if you're looking for a good place to start your journey into the world of chocolate, here are some suggestions:

  • Noir Guanaja, 70%: A very popular dark chocolate created in 1986. Guanaja shows you a world of nuances in bitterness, while being round and full-bodied. A very elegant chocolate.
  • Noir Andoa 70%: Made from Peruvian cocoa beans since 2009. Andoa was the first of Valrhona's chocolates to be both faitrade certified and organic.
  • Noir caraïbe 66%: Dark chocolate with small pieces of hazelnuts. The chocolate itself has flavours of dried figs and raisins that taste great with the roasted hazelnuts.
  • Noir Manjari orange 64%: Dark chocolate with pickled orange peels that perfectly match the tart and fruity character of manjari.
  • Cocoa powder from Valrhona: 100% cocoa powder to make the most amazing cup of Valrhona quality cocoa - or maybe you want to use it in your next cake or confectionery? The flavour is powerful and perfect for chocolate lovers of all ages.
  • Truffles in a gift box: Three kinds of truffles with three of Valrhona's most famous chocolates: Dark Guanaja, light Tanariva and white Dulcey. The latter is a so-called blond chocolate with biscuit flavours. The Dulcey truffle is filled with 70% Valencia almond praline, the other two with ganache.


If you want the purest of the pure when it comes to chocolate, look no further than AMMA.

AMMA's chocolate comes from Brazil and is grown with a strong focus on sustainability. This means that the rainforest is preserved and you get a pure, organic chocolate.

Pure organic and rainforest protection

If you want the purest of the pure when it comes to chocolate, look no further than AMMA. AMMA's chocolate comes from Brazil and is grown with a strong focus on sustainability. This means that the rainforest is preserved and you get a pure, organic chocolate.

That's why AMMA is not available as milk chocolate: large areas of rainforest in Brazil are being cleared for cattle farming, and it would be too much of a paradox to grow sustainable chocolate and then add milk.

This means that AMMA chocolate is vegan and free from allergens such as lactose, nuts and gluten. In other words, you get the purest chocolate experience with the cleanest conscience!

Walter's recommends:

  • AMMA 100%: The purest of the pure AMMA chocolates has to be AMMA 100%, which consists only of cocoa ingredients. This means this chocolate is sugar-free, but the balanced flavour means it doesn't feel dry or overly bitter. You get a deep, intense chocolate experience that you can only dream of.
  • AMMA 85%: This chocolate is also very rich in cocoa and contains many tannins, which is one of the healthy antioxidants also found in red wine. AMMA 85% is one of our very popular chocolates.
  • Organic cocoa nibs: Cocoa nibs are made from pure cocoa beans that are fermented, roasted, shelled and chopped. Again, this is a purely natural product made from 100% organic cocoa, which is very rich in antioxidants. Cocoa nibs are perfect in smoothies, desserts, as a snack or topping.

Woodshade Organics and Egens

Woodshade Organics is a local organic producer located locally on Mols, also known as Mølle Skovly chocolate. Woodshade makes chocolate, marzipan, wine gum, liquorice and organic jam from their own farm in Mozambique, Africa.

In addition to Summerbird, Valrhona and Woodshade, we also have other delicious chocolates such as Eliza chocolate from Aarhus, Gudrun's Belgian filled chocolates.

Egens Chocolate

Egens overgaard also delivers excellent chocolate. Read more about Egens Chokolade under local products.

Liquorice from Lakritsafabriken

The liquorice factory in Ramlösa

All-natural liquorice coated with Valrhona chocolate

Chocolate Glazed Licorice Sticks are 100% natural liquorice without gluten and gelatine coated with Valrhona chocolate. Lakritsfabriken makes Sweden's first gluten-free premium liquorice. It is made from pure liquorice powder mixed with sugar, syrup and rice flour. The salted liquorice is also flavoured with sal ammoniac. Both sweet and salty liquorice have a deliciously soft texture that can only be achieved with simple, pure ingredients.

Walter's recommends:

  • Licorice granules: Sweet liquorice bar coated with light chocolate from Valrhona and sprinkled with liquorice granules. The sweet liquorice and creamy light chocolate combine to create a sweetness that is counterbalanced by the liquorice granules.
  • Chili flakes: Salty liquorice and dark chocolate from Valrhona sprinkled with chilli flakes. The sweetness and bite of the chilli makes it an ideal partner for the salted liquorice, and the bitterness and richness of the dark chocolate

The Liquorice King

Lakritskungen is Lakritsfabrikens subsidiary that produces quality liquorice in a more candy-like format. Lakritskungen's products are also gluten and gelatine free and are available in both a salty and a sweet version: Salta riksdaler and Søta kanoner.

Whole honey

All honey is produced in Central Jutland, Denmark, and comes from small-scale, sustainable beekeeping. Anthony Lee, the creator of Whole Honey, is deeply dedicated to his products, sourcing the purest and most natural ingredients to make his honey variants.

Each variant is a small creation of honey infused with the flavours of high-quality raw materials and packaged in a beautifully designed, colourful jar.

Walter's recommends

  • Honey with ginger: A classic combination when you have a cold, but also simply a great flavour with notes of wood, menthol and citrus
  • Honey with liquorice: Just the thing for the big liquorice lover! The honey is almost like candy, but is still natural and pure like all Helts honeys
  • Honey with chilli: Perfect in the savoury kitchen as a marinade or for basting, where the item is drizzled at regular intervals during cooking.
  • Honey with sea buckthorn: The citrusy acidity of sea buckthorn and the sweetness of honey are a perfect combination.

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