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We have a large selection of premier cru Cognac from Grande Champagne

At Walter we have many different types of cognac. Within cognac, the 1st cru area is Grande Champagne - from where Hos Walter has most of its cognacs. This also applies to houses such as:

  • Ch. Montifaud
  • Raymond Ragnaud
  • Delamain

In addition, we have a cognac dating back to 1906 in stock!

We always have a bottle of cognac open in the shop, which you are of course welcome to taste.

Château de Montifaud - Cognac through six generations

Tradition-rich cognac through six generations

When a son joins his father in working on a large cognac house, some of the production is saved and only sold by future generations. Thus, it is the sixth generation of cognac producers who today carry on Château de Montifaud. In the deepest cellars of the castle, the special vintages of previous generations are stored.

This is a traditional cognac house that was founded in 1837. When you taste a cognac from Château de Montifaud, you give your senses a glimpse into a family history where the passion for craftsmanship is passed down.

Cognac made according to traditional methods

Cognac is made from wine that is distilled by heating. In the old days, this was done in a "small" alembic of around 300 litres, which was heated using a wood-burning stove. Today, Château de Montifaud is a large company that exports all over the world, so the quantities required are different. That's why they have switched to large 2500 litre appliances that are heated with gas.

However, some of the flavour nuances are lost, so to get the good, complex cognac flavour that the house is known for, they have reconstructed two old-fashioned 1200-litre machines that can produce a total of approx. 470 litres. Cognac. This is added to the cognac from the large stills to adjust the flavour so that the great Château de Montifaud flavour from Petite Champagne can find its place in a global market - benefiting Denmark and Hos Walter!


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