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Rosé: A renaissance

The best thing about rosé wine is that it's having a renaissance!

After being out of favour since we last drank it in the late 80's - early 90's, it's popular again and now in a much better quality.

At Walter we carry a nice and large selection of Rose wines, a very popular one being our own import of Font Sane.

La vie en rose...

The world's oldest wine. Rosé has enjoyed a huge renaissance in Denmark over the last few years, and all summer long many of us have been sitting with a cool, pink glass in front of us.

Rosé deserves to be drunk all year round, because if anything, it symbolises the light moments of life. In rosé, the skins are only allowed to remain in the wine for a short time before the fermentation process, which is why rosé contains less tannin than red wine, but has the beautiful colour that can vary from light salmon to deep pink.

Rosé can be seen as a kind of middle ground, which may be one of the reasons why it has been out of favour at times. However, if you look at the history of wine, it's likely that for centuries the normal colour of wine has been white or very light, i.e. rosé. Some archaeologists even believe that rosé is the oldest wine in the world!

Rosé has a huge advantage over other wine types in that it is incredibly easy to serve. Rosé goes with almost everything and can be drunk with meat and fish, as an aperitif or with dessert, precisely because it is not as fresh as white wine, but not as heavy as red wine.

Perfect wine for barbecues, picnics, garden lunches and evening socialising

Perhaps that's why rosé has been labelled "the barbecue wine". Barbecues are often a combination of many things, several different kinds of meat, fish or seafood with side dishes of vegetables, salads, etc. and this wide variety is perfect for the versatility of rosé.

It's also a wine to drink young. It doesn't improve with years in the cellar, so it's also a wine to be opened without too much thought.

Until recently, rosé wasn't made from the best grapes and wasn't given much care. This has radically changed and today there are many great rosé wines.

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