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If wine is the drink of the gods, beer must be the drink of man!

At Walter, we have around 100 different brews in stock.

We make a virtue of finding the rare and small breweries, the ones that are not found everywhere and may therefore be completely unknown to you. This means that we have beers from many breweries, especially from Europe.

If we were to mention three fun brews here, it would be the two local breweries, one of which puts its own caps and the other is what is known as a "phantom" brewery, which has its own brewmaster and everything it needs, except a brewery:

Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri and Syndikatet

In addition, the warm beer with whipped cream is also a hit - especially when the cold bites your cheeks and the storm is raging outside!

- An ideal gift idea!

Exciting beer with the flavour of good craftsmanship.

Beer from Ebeltoft Farm Brewery is fresh beer brewed the old-fashioned way. All stages of production take place at the farm brewery and the quality is always uncompromising!

At Walter, we stock a wide selection of original, exciting and fun beers inspired by Belgian brewing methods and Nordic motifs.

Original and classic soft drinks.

Soft drinks from Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri are also made with originality and care for the raw materials. No additives or concentrates are used, only pure raw materials that come directly to the brewery. This is a natural, handmade soft drink that smells and tastes fantastic.

Cascara, a coffee bean flavoured soft drink, is one of the special varieties, but Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri also offers soft drinks with ginger and lemon, lime and mint, redcurrant, rhubarb and the more classic strawberry and raspberry fizzy drinks.

Finally, we also have Tonic, which can be an excellent partner for a quality-conscious Gin & Tonic, for example.


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